The project is hosted on github (http://github.com/zyga/json-schema-validator/), feel free to fork it and propose a pull request.


The goal of this project is to construct a complete and fast implementation of the JSON Schema as defined by http://json-schema.org/.

JSON is powerful because of the simplicity. Unlike the baroque YAML it thrives on being easy to implement in any language, correctly, completely, with confidence and test. Python has a good built-in implementation of the serializer (decoder and encoder) but lacks more advanced tools. Working with JSON as a backend for your application, whether it’s configuration, application data or envelope for your RPC system, almost always requires data validation and integrity checking.


Github is used for:

  • Hosting source code (in git)
  • Reporting and tracking bugs

Launchpad.net is used for:

  • Hosting source code (as bzr mirror)
  • Packaging aid for Ubuntu

PyPi is used for:

  • Hosting released tarballs
  • Hosting built documentation